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Raritan 6 Gal Water Heater With Heat Exchanger 120v

1700 Series Water Heater 120v 6 Gallon With Engine Heat Exchanger The “1700 Series” water heater provides hot water for galley and shower. Dense foam insulation provides better and longer heat retention than traditional fiberglass. The tank itself is protected by a 75 PSI T& P (temperature and pressure) relief…


Raritan 12-Gallon Hot Water Heater With Heat Exchanger 240V

This is a NEW Raritan 12 Gallon Hot Water Heater. Raritan 1700 Series Marine Water Heaters General Features. Simple installation retrofits to most onboard pressure systems. Glass-lined steel tank for long life and improved efficiency. Environmentally friendly, solid CFC-free foam insulation keeps water hotter longer than with fiberglass insulation. Polymer…